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When it comes to constructing a fully personalized website for any purpose, WordPress is the best tool available. Create a blog, personal portfolio, corporate company site, a forum, classified website, eCommerce site, or a commercial website to sell your products and services. WordPress allows you to accomplish all of these things.

WordPress is the most widely used open-source content management system (CMS). WordPress is responsible for powering 40 percent of all websites on the Internet.

WordPress is not just the most extensively used content management system, but it is also the one that is developing and growing the fastest. WordPress is the platform that powers more than 500 new pages every day on the top 10 million websites on the internet, according to Alexa.

Additionally, there are over 60,000 plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Directory, with many new plugins being published on a daily basis. Most WordPress themes make use of what you see is what you get editors, which allow users to see changes as they are made in real time as they are made.

If you answered yes, then this quiz course is for you! If you are a WordPress developer, a digital marketer, or an SEO specialist, you are welcome to participate.

This ultimate practice test course on WordPress, which includes both basic and advanced questions, is one of the most thorough examinations you will ever take on the subject matter.

Employ the resources in this course to put your WordPress knowledge to the test and perhaps learn something you didn’t know before.

What does this course offer you?

  • This course consists of 3 practice tests.
  • Practice test consists of 25 questions each, timed at 30 minutes
  • The questions are multiple-choice.
  • The answers are randomized every time you take a test.
  • Questions are of varying difficulty – from easy to moderate to tough.
  • Once the test is complete, you will get an instant result report with categories of strength to weakness.
  • You can re-take the tests over and over again as and when it suits you.
  • New set of questions will be added frequently and you can practice along without having to buy the course again.
  • Learning Resources will be shared over email frequently to all enrolled students, along with any latest updates/news/events/knowledge.

With this course you will get lifetime-long access to 75 Interview and Practice Questions on WordPress that are updated frequently. After the test you will become more confident in WordPress and will be able easily perform basic and advanced tasks while creating your Personal Website, a Business Website, a Blog or even an Ecommerce Website. Not just that, you will have the required knowledge to pass the WordPress Certification Exams and also clear your next Job Interview !

But most important is that you will UNDERSTAND WordPress fundamentals.

You will also get 30-days money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

Don’t wait and join the course now!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Intermediate & Advanced level WordPress Programmers
  • Everybody who wants to learn more about WordPress by questions and their explanations.
  • Students and Professionals who wants to learn WordPress to move into SEO & Web Development
  • Everybody who is preparing for a SEO job interview.

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