SEO Keywords: How to Rank in Google Fast

Structure your site

You can structure your site in many different ways to rank in Google, but the most important thing is that it’s structured.

For example: if you want to rank for “best SEO,” then create a page on your website with this heading: “Best SEO.” (If you’re using WordPress, just make sure that the page title matches up with the SEO key phrase.)

Use keyword placement throughout the URL. This will make sure that people who click on those links see relevant content when they arrive at those pages. It’s important to only use one URL per webpage, so that Google knows which one should be considered most relevant and will rank it higher in search. And, this also applies to anchor text! If there are too many URLs with the same anchor text then it could cause confusion for users who want quick access instead of scrolling through pages trying find what they’re looking for.

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