Online tutoring for kids: Different Types and Guide for Kids

2. Tutoring for 2nd grader

Since the education system of the United States is heavily influenced by the Common Core Curriculum, learning how to read in 2nd grade becomes a crucial part of each student’s educational career. Thanks to the support from parents and teachers, a child can better understand books and stories assigned by their teachers.

The first step to reading is mastering phonics. The more a child knows about letters and their sounds, the easier it will be for him to learn how to read words.

By paying attention to what they read from their textbooks or from children’s books, children will start recognizing words.

In addition to reading, students are encouraged to write as much as possible, especially their own stories. They also have the opportunity to explore different genres of literature such as science fiction and fantasy novels.

A 2nd-grade tutor will provide her students with a wide range of writing topics that cover a variety of school subjects allowing them to choose what they would like to write about.

Math for 2nd graders is integrated into all subjects including social studies and language arts. This means that students will have plenty of math activities in which they can practice their multiplication tables and fractions.

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