Medical Schools That Accept Low GPA Review



In this article, we discuss about some medical schools that accept low GPA and provide you with detailed information about each school, so you can improve your chances of being accepted. Medical schools are looking for students who are passionate and committed to becoming a doctor. They want students who have excellent grades and test scores, but they also want to see that you’re capable of perseverance when things get tough.

For those with low GPAs, this means showing them that you have the intelligence necessary to succeed in medical school. If you have been turned down from your dream school because of a low GPA, don’t give up hope! Here are 18 medical schools that accept low GPA.

18. University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts is a public university located in Amherst, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1863 and offers a wide range of degrees, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in more than 200 fields.

The average GPA for incoming students is 3.97 (on a 4-point scale). The MCAT score required for admission to UMass is 24; the GRE quantitative score needed for admission into the medical school is 300; TOEFL (paper/computer) minimum requirement for international applicants as well as native English speakers who do not hold a bachelor’s degree from an American institution has been set at 100 or higher on paper-based tests or computers with Internet access (70 on Internet-based test).

Applicants to the UMass Medical School must complete their clinical rotations during their internships before they can apply, so there are no requirements regarding research experience.

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