Medical Schools That Accept Low GPA Review

1. University of Southern California

USC has a low GPA policy. The University of Southern California accepts students with a 3.0 GPA or lower, but only if they have an outstanding academic record and personal statement.

The holistic review process is one way that USC does not rely on test scores alone when assessing applicants’ abilities to succeed in college courses and graduate school programs.

When applying to this school, you will be expected to exceed high standards, so if you are looking for an easy way to get out of college, don’t bother.

It also has one of the largest student populations on any American campus with an enrollment exceeding 44,000 students per year.

The five areas of emphasis for each degree program include administration & leadership; curriculum studies & teacher education; counseling psychology & school psychology; special education/learning disabilities (including deafness/hard-of-hearing); technology & learning design (including educational technology).


You now know that there are medical schools that accept low GPA, I hope this list helps you decide where to attend college! You should be proud of every step you take towards higher education, because it’s an accomplishment worth celebrating.

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