Medical Schools That Accept Low GPA Review

3. Texas Tech University USA

Texas Tech University School of Medicine is a public medical school that accepts low GPA students. The average MCAT score for the school is 27.8, which means that you can expect to get in with a 3.4 GPA and an MCAT score of 27.8 or higher.

This will give you access to their accelerated program for top students who want to study medicine right away after high school graduation instead of going through college first before applying for admission into a university-based residency program like UC San Diego School of Medicine does with its accelerated track program which takes place over two years instead of three years like other medical schools do when they accept lower GPAs than Texas Tech University USA.

The school has a very low acceptance rate of 84%, which means that you will have to be exceptional in order to get accepted into their accelerated program. It also means that if you apply and are accepted, there’s a very small chance that someone else who is even better than you will also be accepted into the same program at the same time as you are.

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