Jupiter the largest planet in the Solar System comes ‘Close’ to Shropshire tonight


Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It will be the closest point in nearly sixty years for our solar system’s largest planet to Earth today, giving amateur astronomers a great opportunity to observe the gas giant.

If the sky is clear today, amateur astronomers will be able to see it as it comes within 367 million miles of Earth. This is the closest it has been to Earth in nearly 60 years.

The distance between Jupiter and Earth at its furthest point is almost twice as great.

Jupiter will appear on one side of the Earth, opposite the Sun, and when the Sun sets in the west, Jupiter rises in the east.

The rural areas of Shropshire are free of light pollution because of the presence of many high peaks. Due to its views, size, and ease of access, this area has been designated as a UK Dark Sky Discovery site.

There are five locations where Jupiter is guaranteed to be seen this week, so here are some of the best places to see him.

1. The Hills of Shropshire

Shropshire Hills AONB has no less than four Dark Sky Sites, including the National Trust car parks around the Long Mynd, which offer the best stargazing opportunities.

For over a week, the skies have been so dark that the Milky Way can be seen for the first time. It has been rated as the darkest Milky Way Class rating of all four sites in the area, meaning that the stars can be seen clearly from each of them.

At the Dark Sky Discovery sites on the Long Mynd in the Shropshire Hills, people can use binoculars and telescopes to see the Milky Way in a beautiful way. A tour operator says, “You don’t need special equipment to enjoy the night sky because you can see so much with just your eyes.”

2. Cross Dyke parking lot

There is a free parking lot run by the National Trust, but it does not have any restrooms or lights. It is located to the west of Church Stretton and is accessible via the Bur Way.

3. Pole Cottage car park

A free National Trust free car park with good horizons and no city lights. Accessed by the Portway road.

Contact 01694 725000 or cardingmill@nationaltrust.org.uk for more information.

Jupiter largest planet in the solar system

4. Mill Valley Carding

The Long Mynd is a well-known and frequently visited open space that is owned by the National Trust. It offers free parking for cars between the hours of sunset and nine in the morning, and it is conveniently located close to the town of Church Stretton. Access to the area from the town can be gained via a road or path that has been thoughtfully designed and marked.

For more information, you can get in touch with us at 01694 725000 or cardingmill@nationaltrust.org.uk.

5. Shooting Box Parking

There is a parking lot that is owned by the National Trust but does not have any bathrooms or lights. Road access is available.

6. The Wrekin

The Wrekin and the area around it are a designated Dark Sky Discovery site just outside of Wellington. The Forest Glen car park at the bottom of the hill makes it easy to get there.

Despite its steepness, the path to the top of the hill is well-traveled and paved the whole way.

On the other hand, clear nights provide excellent opportunities for stargazing.

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