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Online TV 17 Plus

The OnlineTV 17 PC program allows you to watch live TV channels or streams on your PC, as well as listen to radio stations and access music videos.

The software allows you to watch TV shows and listen to radio stations, as well as record TV shows (supported formats: ASF, AVI, and MPG).

OnlineTV 17 Plus Features:

  • Radio Stations

You can listen to as many radio stations as you like via your PC with just one click!

  • Music videos

Online TV gives you access to an extensive library of music videos.

  • My TV

With “My TV,” you can add to and change your list of favorite TV channels. If you type in the address of the newspaper or TV channel, it will be added to your playlists automatically.

  • Newspapers

You can follow the live news just by clicking on your selected newspaper and reading the headlines from around the world.

  • International Channels

You can watch both local and international channels on Online TV 17. With one click, you can get news and TV from all over the world.

  • Replay

Did you miss a movie or show? Just look for the same words!

  • Recording

You can record shows to watch them later. Save it so you can always get to it. You can also record TV shows even when you are not online. AVI, ASF, and MPG are the formats that can be used to record.

  • Search function

When a new show or movie comes out, you can use full-text search to find it.

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