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Essentially, a cover letter includes all of your academic and professional accomplishments, along with your contact information.

The letter outlines all your skills and expertise and will be a deciding factor as to which applicant a company wants to invite for an interview. Therefore, you must ensure that your letter distinguishes you from the competition above all.

How to write a cover letter?

A cover letter does not mean you have to explain your resume in words. Instead, it should be something that interprets your resume in the best possible way to sharpen out your application for a job.

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One of the main points which you should focus on writing a cover letter is that you must not write details and briefing of your qualifications and experiences. Instead, you should include why the hiring manager should hire you for the job.

What are your specialties that is make you perfect for this job? So, instead of self-praising, mention those eye-catching skills of yours that you become the priority of the hiring manager.

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While writing a cover letter, you must keep in mind that this document is the only way to create a first best impression and only this document can separate you out from all other applicants.

Free Pdf Cover Letter Template Download

Cover Letter Template 1


[email protected], (xxx) xxx-0001
1478 Wagoner Street Tulsa, OK 74147
April 7, 2020

Hiring Managers Name
1047 Osage Boulevard Tulsa, Oklahoma 74169
(xxx) xxx-0001
[email protected]

Dear [Hiring Managers Name],

Since I am an experienced registered nurse with a state license and 17 years of experience caring for the sick, I am the ideal candidate. Currently, I provide personalized support to 30 patients a day, evaluating their conditions daily and interacting with colleagues to ensure reliable care…..

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