Do These Things to Make a Great First Impression



In the given timeframe, do you believe you could make a great first impression? 

There may be some individuals who are in a hurry to get the answer, but I’m afraid they won’t find it here.

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to make the right first impression at holiday parties. But don’t forget that you’ll need to stay memorable over time if your goal is successful business relationships!

In our society, we’re often told that making an excellent first impression will lead us down the path towards success.

But what does this really mean?

It means to be remembered after making all those introductions, and when people are talking more easily with each other.

While there are techniques and tactics for creating excellent introductions, the bottom line is that effective business relationships are not about first impressions. They’re about being memorable over time.

The best way to make a good first impression is to be liked. Let’s do that by thinking of how we can be seen in a good light, not how we are introduced.


Facial expressions are very important in creating lasting memories. 

So make sure yours is pleasant and welcoming. Studies show that we can recall up to 65% of what others say but closer to 80% of their facial expressions, tone of voice and posture.

First impressions are largely based on visual input so smile! It might seem like an obvious suggestion, but research says the average person smiles less than seven times a day.

Smiling is something you do at the beginning of greetings cards and the end of advertisements. It’s important to use it so you can get a good result.

Learning how to smile on command is a great exercise because as soon as you do, others will respond in kind. 

So next time you’re at home, give it a try . smiling is highly correlated to an overall sense of well-being.

When you smile, your brain produces endorphins which create positive feelings. Studies confirm that the happier you are, the more others will like you. 

That’s a lesson worth remembering and one worth passing along.


It’s great to throw in a verbal introduction if you can but this is probably the least important part of any meeting.

The way we usually meet people is by seeing or hearing about them in advance and then looking at them closely when they do come into view . 

In most cases, we don’t need to be introduced to strangers because we already know something about them from a previous experience.

Even something as basic as greetings is a sign of respect and an important step in the social process.

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The first thing you want to do when greeting someone is ‘meet their eyes’ and look at them directly. The second thing you want to do is smile. 

Always say hello, good morning or how are you? If you know the person well, it is appropriate to say ‘hi’ as a general greeting. 

But if you want to be more polite and cordial, you should use a warmer greeting like “how are you?’.

When talking to someone, make sure to say hello. This way the other person knows that you know them.

Speak clearly

Many people have something to say, but they do not take the time to clearly explain what they want to say. 

The best way of saying things is usually the most direct and it is important to be clear with people about what you want them to know.

Sometimes people speak in ways that are hard to understand. 

For some people, their words do not sound like a language you know. 

You can make yourself seem smart and witty by using words that other people know.

Some people choose to speak with a different accent. They might also say words that are simpler than what you are used to. 

Sometimes people like speaking in riddles or just don’t want you to know what they are saying. 

When you talk with someone, it is important to be clear and say the right words so that they understand you.

When you are talking to somebody, you should speak in a way that sounds friendly. 

You can tell by the tone of your voice how they feel and what they’re thinking. 

When people hear something important, it is more important than when other things are said.

If people think they are not getting what you are saying, they might get frustrated and will think less of themselves.

Do These Things to Make a Great First Impression

Be positive

You should be nice to people who make you feel good. The most important part of a meeting is being able to project a positive group.

You can make somebody’s perception of you better based on your attitude. 

Don’t speak negatively about people or things you don’t like until you have a relationship with them.

As a person, you will face many difficult situations in life and it can be hard to keep your cool. 

But with the right attitude, this is not impossible! A good attitude may help encourage others around you as well. 

The next time adversity pops up feel confident that if everything isn’t perfect just yet-you’ll get through this rough patch too!

Maintaining an optimistic disposition during tough times has great benefits for both yourself and those who are close by when they see how resiliently positive you’re being about things (and should make them want to follow suit).

In order to be successful, you need to have friends. You need to have a good attitude for success.

Make eye contact

Avoiding eye contact can make you seem insecure, untrustworthy and shy. 

Suddenly meeting someone’s gaze with yours is a sign of assertiveness that will show your confident personality to them right away!

One of the main secret keys to making a great first impression is to make good eye contact. 

While holding a conversation with someone  you’re interested in, maintain steady eye contact. Eye contact shows interest and confidence.

Narrow your eyes slightly to help you concentrate on what the other person is saying. 

This helps you not only make a good first impression, but give the other person the signal that you truly want to know what they have to say.

If you are concentrating too hard to remember what the other person is telling you, then you will have a bad impression.

To make a great first impression, it’s important to keep eye contact and not let your arms slack. Practice by looking at other people in the eyes when talking to them.


Nervousness can make you talk more so that you don’t have awkward pauses in the conversation. 

When you talk with someone, try to focus on what the person is saying and not think about how to answer back. 

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The trick here is not to talk less, but to listen more.

It is important to make a good first impression with people. Be curious about them so they will like you too.

Make people around you feel comfortable by displaying your ability to listen; it is often rewarding, and getting this down will help build a legacy of being a good conversationalist in general.

Avoid using over perfume

Over use of cologne or perfume can  be a major turn-off for most people. 

If you want to make a good impression on your boss, colleagues or customers avoid wearing too much perfume/cologne at all times.

When you meet someone, do not wear strong perfume. This could make them feel uncomfortable and they might not like it.

It is important to find a good balance between smelling fresh and clean, while not presenting too much of your personal scent.

Do These Things to Make a Great First Impression

Use inviting body language

It is important to avoid blocking the way or creating obstacles between you and the other person. 

You’ll want to have an open body language when you first meet someone. 

For example, if you are meeting with a powerful company, don’t sit with your arms crossed. 

That will make them uncomfortable and may lead them to believe that you are defensive.

One thing to note is that people sometimes cross their arms without realizing the effect it has on other people. 

This can make it seem like they are not interested in what you are saying or doing.

A neuron is a cell in the brain. It helps control your muscles. If you see someone else doing something, it makes you want to do that too.

When you smile at someone and they see it, they will feel happy too. It is like your smile is friendly to them.