AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro – Official 1-Year Free License Giveaway

Method 1: Using AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro, you can transfer contacts from one iPhone to another

Step 1 : Start AnyMP4 iPhone Transfer Pro by double-clicking on the icon. A cable should be used to connect the two iPhones to the PC. When you connect your iPhone to your computer for the first time, you must continue to place your trust in the iPhone and the computer. Following that, the two iPhones will be recognized by the program.

Step 2 : To change your phone number, click on the “Switch phone” option below. Please keep in mind that your old iPhone is displayed on the left and your new iPhone is displayed on the right. (If not, select the old iPhone from the drop-down arrow in the top center of the main window by clicking on it.) Then select “Switch Phone” from the drop-down menu.)

Step 3: Select the “Contacts” file type from the drop-down menu and press the “Start” button in the middle. The software will now transfer all of the contacts from one iPhone to another.

If you only want to replicate a few contacts to your new iPhone, select “Contacts” from the list on the left side. After that, select the contacts you want to use. Select the new iPhone by clicking on the “Transfer to Device” option and entering its name. The selected contacts will be transferred to the other iPhone at this point in time.

Method 2: Using iCloud, you can transfer contacts from one iPhone to another

Step 1: Go to “Settings” on the old iPhone and select “General.” At the top of the screen, select Your Name, followed by iCloud. Select the “Contacts” option from the drop-down menu. Your contacts will be kept in iCloud as a result of this method.

Step 2: Carry out the entire procedure on the new phone. Your two iPhones will immediately sync with one another. You should be able to locate your contacts on the new iPhone within a few minutes of turning on the device.

Method 3: Using AirDrop, you can transfer contacts from one iPhone to another (Bluetooth)

Step 1: Bluetooth and WiFi should be enabled on both iPhones. Then go to “Settings” > “General” > “AirDrop” and pick the option “For everyone” under the “AirDrop” section.

Step 2: To send a contact from one iPhone to another, open the Contacts app on the old iPhone and choose the contact you wish to send to the other iPhone.

Step 3: Select “Share contact” from the drop-down menu. Tap the AirDrop symbol in the newly displayed menu, then select the name of the other iPhone from the drop-down list.

Step 4: You will now receive a text message on your new iPhone. Select Recommend from the drop-down menu. Now, the contacts will be transferred from the old iPhone to the new iPhone via the iCloud service.

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