8 Best Tricks to Rank Keyword in Google

5. Rank Higher by Adding Keyword in H2 Tag

Using keywords in your H2 tags can help your website rank higher in search engine results. H2 tags are HTML tags that are used to structure the content on your website and indicate to search engines the main topics of your page. By including relevant keywords in your H2 tags, you can signal to search engines the topics of your page and improve the chances that your page will rank for those keywords.

Here are a few tips for using H2 tags to rank higher in search results:

  1. Use relevant keywords: Make sure the keywords you use in your H2 tags are relevant to the content of your page. This will help search engines understand the topics of your page and improve your chances of ranking for those keywords.
  2. Use variations of your keyword: Instead of using the same keyword over and over again, try using variations of your keyword in your H2 tags. This can help your page rank for a wider range of related keywords.
  3. Keep it natural: Don’t stuff your H2 tags with keywords. This can actually harm your search rankings and make your content less readable. Instead, use your keywords naturally and make sure they fit in with the rest of your content.
  4. Use H2 tags sparingly: While H2 tags can be useful for SEO, it’s important not to overuse them. Use them to structure your content and highlight the main points, but don’t use them excessively or for every subheading on your page.

It’s important to use relevant keywords in your H2 tags appropriately, and not overdo it, if you want to improve your search rankings.

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