5 Helpful Ways to Stay Active While Studying at Home


It’s difficult to learn if you’re sitting on the couch, eating chips, and watching TV.

It can be downright impossible. And that makes sense: research shows that people who study while they do something else like reading or crafting or puzzle solving games do better than those who don’t. But how would you make studying more active?

Well, for starters, try these five simple ways to stay engaged when you study at home:

1. Turn off the TV and put away your laptop

If you’re studying at home, it might help to remember that if you’re prone to distractions, it can be very easy to fall into procrastination. 

One way that I’ve found is helpful when studying is to turn off the TV and put away anything else to do with technology or entertainment in another room.

This will stop you from giving in to the temptation to watch TV or play on your laptop, and it can also help you concentrate better. 

You can either work in another room or shut yourself away at home with a book, depending on how self-motivated you’re feeling!

When studying at home, sometimes it is convenient to study in the place where all of your distractions are located – like if they happen to be right beside you on your desk. However, this is not always the best for concentration and getting things done.

If you have to study near something that could distract you (like your phone), try moving it to a separate room so that you don’t have to deal with it all the time.

2. Get up from your desk chair every thirty minutes

It’s no secret that sitting for hours on end in a desk chair is bad for your health. You’re at risk of developing serious diseases, including obesity and diabetes.  But the problem goes well beyond just your physical health.  

Sitting too much can also have serious mental effects, such as depression and anxiety…

The solution to this problem might surprise you: get up from your desk chair every thirty minutes! It sounds so simple, but it will make all the difference in how you feel about yourself and how productive you are throughout the day. 

You need to get up, but how do you do it?  It’s quite easy…

If you’re like most students, studying at home for extended periods can be a little daunting.

Try getting up from your desk chair every thirty minutes to stretch and walk around the room – it is an easy way to stay active while studying at home!

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However, no matter what your reason for interrupting long study sessions is, there is a solution for everyone.

Some people prefer to take a few-minutes naps when they get tired, others may find that they do their best work when tapping into their creative side with some sketching or drawing.

But if you want to keep yourself motivated and productive when you study at home, try getting up from your desk chair every thirty minutes.

3. Take a break with some healthy snacks

Staying active while studying at home is important for your health and well-being.

With some nutritious snacks, you can take a break. Snacks include a wide range of options, such as fruit, vegetables, crackers and yogurt mix. Drink plenty of water or juice to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

5 Helpful Ways to Stay Active While Studying at Home

Out of all the activities you can do with friends, studying together at home is one of the most common. Staying up late every night to memorize facts and figures for an upcoming test may be tempting, but it isn’t exactly healthy. 

Instead, try to take regular breaks with some snacks that will boost your brainpower.

A great way to stay active while studying is by playing a game of darts or pool. Both games are easy enough for beginners, but they also provide a challenge as you improve your skill level.

4. Try new things like painting or crafting

It is so important to stay active while studying at home. The more you move around, the better your concentration will be and the easier it will be for you to remember what you have learned. 

Plus, moving around can help prevent boredom from setting in too quickly.  Plus, if you want a break from reading or writing about a topic, try painting or crafting or pottery. 

Studying is supposed to be fun! If you are constantly moving around and keeping busy, it will be more enjoyable.

In addition, there is some evidence to suggest that regular physical activity can lead to improved brain function as you get older.  

So, if you want to improve your concentration and memory – whether for studying at home or for learning something new – then stay active while you’re doing it! If anything, it’ll help pass the time a little bit more quickly anyway!

5. Quit surfing the Internet and start diving into books

This post is perfect if you’re a student who wants to avoid becoming distracted while studying.

For many of us, sitting in front of a computer screen or TV while trying to focus on our studies poses a problem.

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It’s hard enough when we have nothing going on outside our window screens but it becomes infinitely more difficult when there are so many other things out there vying for your attention. 

It’s not easy to get anything done if you’re constantly checking Facebook messages and e-mails (or scrolling through Instagram). 


Staying active while studying or learning something new will help you focus and remember things better. You won’t get bored as much this way. 

Studying can be challenging because there are so many distractions that pull us away from our work. 

But with these tips about how to study actively, we hope that you will be able to get back on track and achieve all of your goals!